The Dino King 2012 Hindi Hubbed Dual Audio 720p BRRip 700MB The Dino King 2012 Hindi Hubbed Dual Audio 720p BRRip 700MB

The Dino King 2012 Hindi Dual Audio 720p BRRip 700mb
Movie Info : IMDB 
rating : 5.6
Genre : Animation, Adventure
Movie Name : The Dino King 2012 Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 720p BRRip Movie Download 700MB
Size : 720p (700 MB)
Language : Dual Audio Hindi  English
Directed by :   Han Sang-Ho
Starring :Goo Ja-Hyeong, Lee Hyung Suk, Sin Yong-woo
The Dino King 2012 is a Hollywood  Animation, Adventure film. The Dino King is the United States title for the 3D Korean computer-generated film Speckles the Tarbosaurus  , The Starring Goo Ja-Hyeong, Lee Hyung Suk, Sin Yong-woo. first released in Korea in January 2012.
80 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, a young Tarbosaurus named Speckles, for his uniquebirthmark, lives and hunts with his older juvenile brother, Quicks, his twin sisters and his mother. Speckles is left alone when a rogue, scarfaced Tyrannosaurus named One-Eye causes a stampede to kill Speckles’ family in order to usurp their territory.Four years later, Speckles has scraped by on his own, scavenging and raiding nests. One day while attempting to steal food from One-Eye, Speckles encounters a female Tarbosaurus named “Blue-Eyes” and the pair team up to hunt and survive together

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